Corporate LGMA


The Council of the Board, which is made up of each Chief Executive of the County and City Councils, meets annually and elects a Board. The Board consists of 11 members - 8 Chief Executives of County or City Councils and 3 nominees of the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government. Further details can be found in the Establishment Order.


Owen Keegan, Chief Executive, Dublin City Council (Chair)
Jackie Maguire, Chair CCMA, Chief Executive, Meath County Council (Vice-Chair) 
Peter Carey, Chief Executive, Kildare County Council 
Tim Lucey, Chief Executive, Cork County Council 
Michael Walsh, Chief Executive Waterford City and County Council 
Seamus Neely, Chief Executive, Donegal County Council
Peter Hynes, Chief Executive, Mayo County Council 
Joe McGrath, Chief Executive, Tipperary County Council 
Barry Quinlan - Assistant Secretary, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
Sarah Neary, Principal Advisor, Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government


Paul Dunne  - Chief Executive
Claire Gilligan – Assistant Chief Executive
Eamonn Hunt - Assistant Chief Executive
Paula Butler - Assistant Chief Executive
Noeleen McHugh - Assistant Chief Executive 
Labhaoise McKenna – Board Secretary and Corporate Manager
Declan Keating - Finance Manager 


  • The LGMA maintains a dedicated email address for Oireachtas members –
  • The LGMA will acknowledge all queries from members of the Oireachtas within 3 working days
  • Acknowledgements will include contact details for the official dealing with the query.  All queries will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but a response will be issued no later than 15 working days after the query is received


The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 1997, as amended by the Freedom of Information Act 2003, establishes three new statutory rights:

  • A legal right for each person to access information held by public bodies
  • A legal right for each person to have official information relating to him/herself amended where it is incomplete, incorrect or misleading
  • A legal right to obtain reasons for decisions affecting oneself

The Acts assert the rights of members of the public to obtain access to official information to the greatest extent possible consistent with the public interest and the right to privacy of individuals.

The reference book below has been prepared and published in accordance with the requirements of section 15 of the Acts. Its purpose is to facilitate access to official information held by the LGMA by outlining the structures and functions of the LGMA; the services provided and how they may be availed of; the classes of records held and how a request to the LGMA under the FOI Acts can be made. The manual does not purport to be a definitive description of all of the activities of the LGMA.

Publication Scheme Under Freedom of Information Act 2014