Service Catalogue

The LGMA is working on a major project to catalogue all of the services provided to the public by local authorities.

The local government sector provides about 500 public services. The LGMA is working on a national project to produce 1 common catalogue of these services. 

The service catalogue will help to better inform the public about local authority services and how to access them. 

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How will the project be completed? 

This project is run by a Service Catalogue Project Team from the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA). A Programme Board provides governance for the project

Each local authority has nominated a single point of contact to help the LGMA in coordinating the project. The single point of contact will:

  • Liaise with the project team on behalf of their local authority 
  • Gather and review details on services in their local authority
  • Keep local authority staff updated and coordinate feedback 
  • Represent their local authority in project workshops

Meet the Team 

The Service Catalogue Project Team

Geraldine Dunne, PMO Project Manager,

Melanie Cunningham, Project Leader,

Mary Hennessy, Service Analyst, 

The Programme Board

  • Niall Healy, Director of Services, Cork County Council (Chairperson)
  • Emma Reeves, Principal Officer, Department of Housing Planning and Local Government
  • Eamonn Hunt, Assistant Chief Executive, LGMA
  • Mihai Bilauca, Head of Digital Strategy and European Projects, Limerick City and County Council
  • Sean Coughlan, Director of Services, Limerick City and County Council
  • Annette Aspell, Senior Executive Officer, Kildare County Council
  • Catherine Horan, Head of Information Systems, Waterford City and County Council
  • Liam Ryan, Senior Executive Officer, Cork County Council
  • Eoin Doyle, Director of Services, Cavan County Council

Project Updates

Catalogues completed so far 

The first phase of our project is completing the Local Government Service Catalogue by functional area in excel format. We have now completed this task for public facing Housing and Environment Services.

Consultation with local authority staff is an important part of our project in helping to identify and describe public facing services.

Take a look at version 1 of the Housing Catalogue here.

Take a look at version 1 of the Environment Catalogue here

This information will be used to populate a searchable, downloadable user-friendly online catalogue.

What next?

Now that we have completed Version 1 for both Housing and Environment services, we are quickly moving on to Planning Services. Consultation with Planning Practitioners is underway and the Planning Catalogue will be compiled over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about how we are approaching the Service Catalogue Project and how we are cataloguing services, you can read our Service Catalogue Guide here

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