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Strategy research and communications

We advise and support on strategy and policy development across the local government sector.

Our Strategy, Research and Communications Pillar supports local authorities in the delivery of services to citizens.


We work with local authorities and others to identify emerging issues, advise on challenges, and lead positive change for the sector.

We have teams focused on supporting local authorities in the following service areas:

  • Housing, Building and Land Use 
  • Climate Action, Transport and Networks 
  • Rural Development, Community, Tourism, Culture and Heritage 
  • Business, Enterprise, Innovation and Urban/Town Economic Renewal
  • Water, Waste Management, Environment and Emergency Planning 
  • Libraries

These teams manage all local authority sector needs in these areas. Their range of work includes:

  • Policy analysis, development, and advice
  • Managing sectoral approaches and programmes of work
  • Liaising with external bodies and acting as a representative voice for the local government sector
  • Developing and managing ICT and other programmes to support the business area
  • Recommending and managing the development of sectoral approaches and shared services
  • Supporting the development and implementation of relevant government policy


The research team undertakes and commissions research and data analysis to inform the local government sector and to report on local authority actions.

  • We undertake research projects on topics that are strategically important to local authorities
  • We manage data gathering and analysis for the sector and in response to requests from Government and other agencies
  • We provide advice and assistance on research, data collection and data analytics

You will find research carried out by the LGMA Research Team in the Publications section


The LGMA communications team works to increase awareness and understanding of the work of the local government sector, and to enable effective communication, consultation, and engagement with the sector.

  • We highlight and raise awareness of the work of local authorities
  • We advocate and engage on behalf of the sector
  • We manage the Local Government Ireland brand, which represents all 31 local authorities and the local government sector.

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